Third Day Rally Action of Save JICT-Koja: Collective Pray at JICT Front Office

Coming to the third day of one month rally action on protesting the contract extension of Hutchison Port Holding (Hong Kong) in the two leading container terminals in Tanjung Priok – the JICT and TPK Koja, the Labor Union of Jakarta International Container Terminal (SPJICT) today, Wednesday, December 19, conducted a collective pray in front of office of JICT (parking loop).

This is the third day of their rally action after they did it in front of office of Ministry of State Owned Enterprises (BUMN) and office of KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission) in the first and second day.

They continue their demand to cancel the extension contract since the state auditor BPK found that potential loss from these extension contracts reaches more than Rp 6 trillion.

The action started at 09.00am, cancelled from the 07.00am to prevent any disturbance to work process.

“This is to save the national ports and to enforce law and regulation,” SPJICT general secretary M Firmansyah.

“We also stand against any criminalization to the dock workers,” he said, adding that the justice in solving any the problems in JICT is a must.

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