MoU with PPI, DFI Expands to Commodity-based Logistics

Public listed national logistics company – PT Dewata Freight International and PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (Persero) – PPI have just signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on tightening their partnership in logistics distribution. The MoU was signed directly by top leaders of both side, DFI President Director Bimada  and PPI President Director Fasika Khareul Zaman.

This MoU was signed regularly at the PPI office based on the Covid-19 health protocol.

This MoU remains a follow up of their initial plan between DFI with PPI. With this MoU, both are expected to build synergy to facilitate communication, discussion, information sharing, and conduct studies. The results are expected to serve as guidelines for planning, cooperation, building mutual strategic partnerships. Further, this MoU will create mutual benefits to both in field of integrated logistics through the Bonded Logistics Center, Freight Forwarding, and distribution transport in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance.

According to Khaerul, currently PPI is focused on selling regular commodities such as trading in fertilizers and pesticides, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, food and consumption products, building materials and agricultural tools.

PPI, according to Khaerul, has again succeeded in becoming the Main Partner (MITA) of Customs at the port of Belawan, North Sumatra, Tanjung Priok Port, Tanjung Perak Port, and Soekarno-Hatta Airport.

By signing this MoU, PPI and DFI can collaborate to manage their logistics to be efficient and effective, so that the products of PPI be more competitive, both inhave competitiveness and competitiveness both at home and abroad.

Bimada meanwhile said that this MoU is so important for the DFI to support the support the company growth and expand the market. This MoU remains the initial step to improve the service quality and to support the customer’s logistics activities more efficient and effective.

Bimada explained that in addition to this MoU, PPI also signed MoU with DFI’s subsidiary PT Arrow Chain Management Logistics (ACML) on the warehousing and distribution transportation.

“We have these MoUs will support the corporate to increase financial performance,” said Bimada.

Echoing the view, DFI Corporate Secretary Nur Hasanah added that this MoU remained an initial step for DFI to penetrate into commodity-based logistics service, in addition to its leading service of distributing pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Currently, DFI was focusing on handling infrastructure cargoes and power plant equipment. This contributed around 80% of the corporate income.

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