Female Workers Urge Govt to Ratify ILO Convention 190

Female workers in Indonesia have not been totally free from violance, discrimination, or unfairness within their work environment. Even, cases of sexual abuses take place at offices, schools, and other work places. Hence, commitments to end these are needed. 

Regulations to protect woman from those violance and discrimination have actually been ready. The Law (UU) No 13/2003 has regulated the woman workers’ rights. But, it is not easy for implemetation. The collaborative labor aggrements (PKBs), for example, sometime miss to accomodate it. Most of the PKBs do not easily include the rights for menstruation leave or maternity leave, but add it with some additional requirements.

“That is why woman activists that join in the labor union care with this issue,” Mirah Sumirat, President of Aspek (Labor Union Association), said in the seminar for World Day Against Violence to Women (Hari Anti Tindak Kekerasan Terhadap Perempuan Sedunia) at TPK Koja Building on Wednesday, November 27.

The seminar was organized by Woman Section of TPK Koja Dockers Union (SP TPK Koja). The participants included union members of SP TPK Koja, SPPI II , SP JICT, SP Rumah Sakit Pelabuhan, Ikatan Awak Kabin Garuda (IKAGI), SP Pos Indonesia, SP KAI, Seruni, ITF, as well as woman workers around Tanjung Priok.

The seminar OC (organizing Committee) Head Susanti Zarman said that the activity remains a momentum for SP TPK Koja to build up awareness of woman dockers at TPK Koja, one of  the big Tanjung Priok’s container terminals.

“Though in numbers is less than male workers, but there are evidence to say that TPK Koja is so respectfull to female workers. On the other hand the female workers have given high contribution to this terminal. We appreciate TPK Koja management that has protected the female workers. However, we are still concerned with the female workers at the other places. This seminar is a part of our concern,” Santi said.

The seminar was opened by SP TPK Koja Chairman Farudi. In his remark speech, Farudi said this seminar was expected to add female workers knowledge and awareness to face any violance and discrimination within the work environment.

Deputy General Manager KSO TPK Koja, Yana Pratapa, echoed the view and express similar expectation.

The seminar also include sharing session with that was moderated by TPK Koja woman activits Lindra Aryani. Then, after the seminar and sharring session, all participants were allowed to visit the TPK Koja terminal and berth.

A number of participants ask the government to concern with the female workers in view of their high contribution to the state income (tax). Now, many female workers, including the ones in the state owned enterprises (BUMN) work without adequate protection. Hence, they urged the government to ratify the ILO Convention  190 and recomendation to end violance and discrimination within the work environment.

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