ALFI Jabar Delivers Aid to Flood-Affected Community in Bekasi and Kerawang

Indonesian Logistics & Forwarders’ Association West Java Chapter (ALFI Jabar), on behalf of provincial chapters of ALFI throughout the country and ALFI Headquarter as well, has just delivered aids to those affected by the flood disaster for community in Bekasi and Karawang regencies, recently.

Relating this, Chairman of ALFI Jabar M. Nuh Nasution explained that this social aids remain how community of logistics and forwarders represented ALFI provincial chapters and ALFI Headquarter care with the community, especially those affected by the natural disasters.

Prior to this activity, ALFI also cared with other victims of natural disasters and actively  delivered aids to those affected, including for the victims of the flood disasters in Riau Islands, South Kalimantan, and earthquake in West Sulawesi.

“This flood care activity is done spontaneously after the flood disaster occurred. However, we can collect tens of millions of cash just in a half day, thanks to the solidarity of ALFI, both ALFI Headquarters and provincial chapters,” Nuh said.

These collected cash was allocated to procure nine basic needs (groceries) which were badly needed by the flood victims, such as rice, instant noodles, sardines, cooking oil, and of course masks to protect from Covid-19. This aid was centrally distributed through the flood post in Bungin Branch District, Bekasi Regency and Dawuan District, Karawang Regency, which were the areas worst hit by the floods.

Nuh also explained that amid the pandemic Covid-19 outbreak, ALFI was also active in the National Covid-19 Handling Task Force.

The distribution of flood aid in Bekasi and Karawang districts was carried out by some executives of West Java ALFI DPW, including Susana, Yudi Saputra, Agus Eko, Dudi Aris, Mia and Teguh Yuwono. They were divided into two teams: Bekasi Regency and Karawang Regency.

As the reports have said, on Saturday, February 20, 2021, flood disaster paralyzed in several areas in West Java, including Bekasi and Karawang districts due to the breakdown of the Citarum river embankment that passed through the two districts. As a result, many houses and rice fields in the two areas were flooded with an average height of 1-2 meters. Since the flood took place at the night, they did not have time to save their belongings.

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