Consistency Is Required in Eradicating Illegal Fee Practices, Thuggery

Indonesia Logistics and Forwarders’ Association (ALFI/ILFA) appreciates the fast responsive action of the Indonesia police on eradicating illegal fees and road criminal behaviour (thuggery).

As media have reported, in the last several days, the Indonesia police have been intensively doing operation to eradicate any illegal practices of taking illegal fees at some Indonesia container terminals and depos. Some have been arrested, both from container terminal and container depo.

The police reaction in responding a complaint by the truck driver to President Joko Widodo on Thursday (10/6/2021), which President Jokowi then called the National Police Chief to follow up.

Commending this, ALFI/ILFA Chairman Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi calls for government consistency, the police continuous operation to control and eradicate such illegal practices. Moreover, President Jokowi has recalled this for several times.

Yukki affirmed this illegal practice not only taking place at the port (terminal), but also outside the port. He said the road criminal behaviour (thuggery) has significantly disturbed the logistics distribution.

“This must be a concern for all of us. We must have similar understanding that the handling and eradication of illegal fees and thuggery must be an activity that is indeed well-coordinated and involves all stakeholders. Otherwise, the problem will never be solved. We don’t want every year the president always recalled similar issue,” he said in press statement on Sunday, June 13.

ALFI noted that this issue is not the first time the President has called for. In 2016, the president did the same thing. Then in 2018 there were also drivers who walked from Central Java to Jakarta to meet the president because they were often victims of thuggery and illegal practice of taking illegal fees.

Therefore, Yukki hopes that the handling of illegal practice of taking illegal fee or thuggery can be done more consistently, not only in Jakarta, but throughout Indonesia.

Yukki also calls for a standard operating procedure (SOP) and strict supervision at the port and container depo. “There must be SOP for continuous monitor and control. In ports, there are leading regulators such as KSOP and the Port Authority and the terminal management itself,” he said.

“Outside the port, meanwhile, must be controlled by the agency that gave the permit and together with the management of the company,” he explained.

As for the acts of thuggery that often occur on the highway to and from the port, Yukki hopes that strict action will be taken continuously.

“Actions of thuggery or extortion are also often encountered on the way to and from ports, airports, factories, warehouses and final destinations. The risk of losing goods is also high, especially for high-value and easy-to-sell items such as lubricant oil, milk or cigarettes. So, the car is hijacked, or when the driver was sleeping the goods were suddenly taken. This is something that all of us must pay attention to,” Yukki said.

ALFI also invites all stakeholders to jointly improve the transportation system or distribution access to and from Priok, which has often been plagued by traffic jams which in the end has the potential to cause thuggery on the streets.

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